Root Canal Treatment in Chapel Hill, NC

Tooth infections can be incredibly painful and disruptive to daily life. At Everbright Dental, our skilled team is here to help save infected teeth with gentle root canal treatment in Chapel Hill, NC!

Root canal therapy is a powerful treatment that can prevent tooth loss and provide the relief you need from dangerous infections. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, the procedure is painless and stress-free.

Dr. Ministry and his team at Everbright Dental provide the top root canal treatments near Chapel Hill, NC, using advanced technologies and a gentle approach to provide the relief out patients need!

We also offer emergency appointments for urgent tooth pain that can't wait — and we even offer safe sedation options to ensure your procedure is as stress-free as possible.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment is performed to remove infected areas of the soft, inner section of the tooth, known as the pulp. Infected areas of the tooth can cause significant pain, and when left untreated treated, the whole tooth can begin to die. Root canal therapy can save the tooth, allowing for proper healing and even further strengthening of the tooth!

During every root canal at Everbright Dental, the patient's mouth will be numbed to keep pain at bay. Your dentist will remove decay from the tooth, then enter the canal to remove infected tissue and apply an antimicrobial medication to clear the infection. The canal and tooth structure will be filled with quality dental filling material.

After the infection has been treated, the tooth is topped off with a natural-looking dental crown. Everbright Dental offers provides custom-crafted crowns that are specially designed to blend with each patient’s smile.

Most patients will require a dental crown to protect their tooth following root canal treatment. With proper care, your new restoration will be able to preserve your natural tooth for years to come!

What are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

Damaged and lost teeth can have a wide range of consequences for your oral health, such as shifting, misalignment, and even bone loss. Root canals allow Dr. Mistry to remove decay and clear out the infection, so you can preserve your natural teeth and restore your oral health.

Our team understands it's common to be nervous about undergoing a procedure like root canal therapy, but root canals don’t have to be painful or scary. The advanced technologies, anesthesia and sedation dentistry options available at Everbright Dental have greatly improved patient comfort and outcomes. Our treatments are designed to be comfortable and efficient, leaving our patients feeling much better as soon as the procedure is over!

Do I Need A Root Canal?

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, our team will use advanced diagnostic tools to determine if root canal therapy is the right treatment route for you:

  • Swollen, tender gums
  • Pain and tooth sensitivity
  • Gum abscess
  • Sharp pain when chewing or biting down

These signs can indicate that decay has reached the pulp of your tooth, resulting in infection or an abscess at the root or inside the tooth.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

Out-of-pocket root canal costs will vary depending on the terms of your dental insurance plan. To make it easy for you, our Chapel Hill dental office utilizes a selection of financing options and payment plans to help make your procedure more affordable.

If you have questions about financing your root canal or any other treatments at Everbright Dental, call today to speak with a member of our friendly team!

Schedule Your Gentle Root Canal Today!

Untreated tooth infections can affect not just your oral health, but the health of your entire body. If you're experiencing persistent tooth pain, swelling, or a dental abscess, call Everbright Dental today to get the gentle relief you need!

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